Belt-type Color Sorter

Applicable materials

Suitable for distinguishing materials with different colors.
For example: plastic, scrap metal, garlic, cashew nuts, mineral Chinese herbal medicine, etc.      

Product Principle and Advantage

Product Principle:Under the action of the light source, according to the intensity of light and color change, the system generates an output signal to drive the electromagnetic valve to work to blow out different color materials to the waste port, and the selected good materials continue to fall to the finished product hopper, thus achieving the purpose of selecting other materials.

Product Advantage:
1. Full body waterproof stainless steel design
2. Original design of double vibrators ensures smooth feeding of different materials.
3. Industry-leading transmission device, the whole machine is stable and reliable
4. Industry-leading downsight glass soot blowing system with higher color selection accuracy
5. The fully open material receiving device is convenient to arrange
6. Remote control, real-time interaction, check the material selection, ease of use
7. Industry-leading visual intelligent sorting operation makes it easier to use

Case Sharing

Customer Background:

There is a large aluminum processing company in Philippines, as it uses waste broken bridge aluminum to produce products causing a large amount of waste plastic PA and PVC. This company purchased our electrostatic plastic separator and silicone & rubber separator to sort plastic materials at first. However, due to the imperfect preliminary treatment, there are many aluminium scraps mixed in the plastics, which affects the quality and purity of the materials. Upon receiving this news, our company quickly recommended our belt-type color sorter to the customer to solve this problem. The customer flew to China and made a machine test in our factory. Finally, he was satisfied with the result and placed an order immediately.

Customer Material:

Customer Demand:

Separating aluminum scrap and stainless steel sheet from plastics to increase the added value of the plastics.

Products recommended to customer

Belt-type Color Sorter

Belt-type Color Sorter

Customer is visiting our factory

After sorting

After sorting

After sorting

The installer is debugging the machine


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