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Eddy current separators are also called copper-aluminum separators, electronic waste separators, etc., and are mainly used to recover non-ferrous metals from industrial and domestic waste. Typical treatment objects are: waste copper (aluminum) power cables, aluminum products, automobiles Scrap, non-metal scrap, printed circuit board slag, non-ferrous metal-containing glass slag, electronic waste, polymetal (AI, Cu, Pb, Zn) mixture, cast copper and aluminum) molding sand and aluminum slag, etc.


Pure physical sorting, no pollution, no environmental protection pressure.
Low power consumption and low operating costs.
Simple operation, one person can work, saving labor efficiency.
Using high-strength permanent magnetic material as the magnetic source, the magnetic performance is stable and durable
Technical Parameter 
Model HBECS-40 HBECS-60 HBECS-80 HBECS-100 HBECS-120
Capacity 4t/h 6t/h 8t/h 10t/h 12t/h
power 4kw 5.5kw 5.5kw 7.5kw 7.5kw
Dimension (L)2885*(W)1500*(H)*1695mm (L)2885*(W)1700*(H)*1695mm (L)2885*(W)1900*(H)*1695mm (L)2885*(W)2100*(H)*1695mm (L)2885*(W)2400*(H)*1695mm
Weight 1200kg 1350kg 1500kg 1900kg 2100kg
Power output -220V/50HZ -220V/50HZ -220V/50HZ -220V/50HZ -220V/50HZ
Diameter of sorting drum 320mm 320mm 320mm 400mm 400mm
Other EquipmentsOther EquipmentsOther EquipmentsOther EquipmentsOther Equipmentsplastic separation machine
plastic separation machine
Q:How does the eddy current sorter work?
A:The eddy current sorter is designed based on the principle that a conductor generates an induced current in a high-frequency alternating magnetic field.

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