Silicon & Rubber Waste separators

Silicone rubber separator is the ideal solution for elastomer removal.The Silicone rubber separator is developed for the removal of elastomers (rubber,silicone and so on) from hard plastics,in order to produce valuable and clean plastic flakes such as PS and ABS etc. Silicon & Rubber waste separators


Technical Parameter  waste separators
Product HBR500 HBR-1500 HBR-3000 HBR-5000
Capacity/hour 0.5-0.8 t/h 1-1.5 t/h 2-3 t/h 4-5 t/h
power/KW 9 11 12.5 30
Dinmension/m (L)3.5*(W)2.5*(H)5.75 (L)4*(W)3*(H)5.75 (L)4.5*(W)3.5*(H)5.75 (L)4.5*(W)3.5*(H)5.75
Silicon & Rubber Waste separators

Silicon & Rubber Waste separators 
Silicon & Rubber Waste separators

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1. Application scope of rubber silicone sorting separator
Mainly used in sorting of various plastics such as old household appliances, crushing and mixing of silicone, rubber and plastics,
sorting of PP plastics and silicones in medical infusion bottles and infusion bags, and sorting of waste battery shells and crushing of silica gel plugs.
Sorting of plastics and silicones in electrical crushing materials.

2. Advantges of plastic and rubber separation equipment

1) Pure physical sorting, no pollution, no environmental pressure; low equipment energy consumption and operating costs.
2) In order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the equipment sorting, the core components of the equipment are imported brands, and the control part adopts PLC automatic control and 11-inch human-machine interface touch screen;
3) The internal and material contact parts are treated with stainless steel and chrome plating, which increases the sorting accuracy of the equipment and also extends the useful life of the equipment.
4) The use of mirror friction and bouncing principle, the plastic and silicone, rubber precision sorting, the highest sorting purity of up to 99%.
5) The equipment is equipped with adjustable automatic feeding system, material lifting system, sorting system, automatic return feeding and finished product discharging system, one person can operate.

Silicon & Rubber Waste separators
Model Capacity Size Power
HBR500 0.5-0.8T/h 3500x2500x5750mm 9KW
HBR1500 1.0-1.5T/h 4000x3000x5750mm 11KW
HBR300 2.0-3.0T/h 4500x3500x5750mm 12.5KW
HBR5000 4.0-5.0T/h 4500x3500x5750mm 30KW

Silicon & Rubber Waste separators
Company information

 Dongguan Haibao Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional separation equipment manufacturer, which covering an area of 20,000 square meters. We are specialized in electrostatic plastic separator, silicon rubber separator, metal separator, color separator and NIR separator. The mainly applications of our machinery is to separate the mixed solid waste that can not be separated by the density of the flotation process, the mixed plastics such as ABS,PS,PP,PET,PVC,PC,PE,PMMA and so on; the mixed metals such as aluminum, cooper, zinc, iron and etc. Mean while, we also have professional technical team in designing and producing which can meet different requirements from customers, that's why we can support OEM production line, we offer 24 hours pre-sales and after-sales support, to ensure in-time communication between clients and us. Besides, most of our products are CE certified, all those insure our qualified product. With the great reputation on quality, we sells to Europe, North America, Asia and many other countries, and our products are praised by our customers not only at home but also in abroad. Haibao aims at to make solutions to dealing with waste problem and protecting environment. There are two factories of Haibao, one is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, another one is located in Yixing City, Jiangsu Province. Welcome all customers around the word to visit Haibao.

Silicon & Rubber Waste separators
Silicon & Rubber Waste separators

The reason for your choosing us

1.Over 15 years experiences focus on plastic sorter. The biggest and the most professional sorter machine factory in China. We have the strength to provide you with better services and products.

2. Overseas Service Station: We have after-sales service outlets in major countries around the world Haibao can meet your requirements on testing, installation and after sales service.

3. Electrostatic Plastic Separator PET/PVC,ABS/PET,PVC/PP Mixture uses german technology to further update the design to achieve high performance. 

4.Quality Process Assurance: We pass ISO quality management system, each process of production are under strictly standard.

5.Shipping Guarantee: we have professional packaging operations team, independent export qualification to ensure product safety and stability to reach customers in the hands.

6.After-sales Service Guarantee:  We provide one year warranty and lifetime maintenance. Free home repair during the warranty period (except for human factors or irresistible natural phenomena caused by failure or damage)

7. Sales team: Our professional sales team is fluent in English, Russian, Chinese , Spanish and Japanese. Can communicate better with customers.

Silicon & Rubber Waste separators
rubber separator

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Silicone rubber separator

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