What are the factors that affect the eddy current metal sorting machinery?

What are the factors that affect the eddy current metal sorting machinery?

Mar 22 2021

The reason why the eddy current metal sorting machinery is able to sort non-ferrous materials is because the repulsive force generated by the eddy current on the conductor when the magnetic roller is running at a high speed. The greater the repulsive force, the farther the material will pop out. The better the selection effect, then the main factors affecting the repulsion of eddy current metal sorting machinery are the intensity of magnetic field changes, the conductivity, density, area and shape of the conductor, etc. The repulsive force produced by different materials of non-ferrous metals is also different. Yes, under normal circumstances, it can be compared based on the same material.

1. Under the same magnetic field, the larger the diameter of the material, the greater the repulsive force generated, and the better the sorting effect. The feeding requirements of non-ferrous metal sorting machinery must be equipped with a suitable vibrating feeder, so that the materials will pass through the metal sorting machinery evenly, and the materials will not interfere with each other, and the phenomenon of materials superimposing on each other is not allowed. If non-ferrous metals are superimposed on top of non-ferrous metals, the magnetic field strength will be greatly attenuated due to the increase in the thickness of the scrap metal, causing non-ferrous metals to fall into the scrap metal discharge hopper; if non-ferrous metals are superimposed on non-ferrous metals, it may increase the object The weight of the non-ferrous metal and non-metal is not thrown out, and it falls into the non-metal discharge hopper, or it may be thrown into the non-ferrous metal discharge hopper at the same time.

2. If the materials are uniform and without superposition, it is better than the materials with uneven distribution, superposition or adhesion.

3. The thickness of the baffle and the positioning position, the higher the accuracy and the thinner the baffle, the better the effect of multi-sorting. Taking into account the thickness of the baffle and the wear resistance and other factors, the insulation thickness of 3-5mm is usually adopted. The board is used as a powder board. The position of the baffle is the dividing line between non-ferrous metals and non-metals. It is very important to determine the position of the dividing line. Repeatedly adjust the position of the baffle, carry out sorting detection, and check the sorting effect until the effect is the best. At the same time, the thickness of the baffle is also very important. On the basis of not affecting the strength, the smaller the thickness of the baffle, the better. This can prevent non-ferrous metals from falling on the end face of the baffle and being bounced back when ejected.

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