Related principles and characteristics of metal sorting machinery

Related principles and characteristics of metal sorting machinery

Feb 25 2021

The metal sorting machinery is an electronic instrument that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to detect metals. It is divided into channel type, falling type and pipeline type. The metal sorting machinery uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to detect metals. All metals including iron and non-ferrous have high detection sensitivity. The entry of ferromagnetic metals into the detection area will affect the distribution of magnetic lines of force in the detection area, which in turn affects the magnetic flux in a fixed range.

Non-ferromagnetic metals entering the detection area will produce eddy current effects and also change the magnetic field distribution in the detection area. Generally, the metal sorting machinery consists of two parts, namely the metal sorting machine and the automatic rejection device, in which the detector is the core part. There are three sets of coils distributed inside the detector, namely the central transmitting coil and two equivalent receiving coils. The oscillator connected to the transmitting coil in the middle generates a high-frequency variable magnetic field. In the idle state, the induced voltage of the receiving coils on both sides Before the magnetic fields are disturbed, they cancel each other out and reach an equilibrium state.

Once the metal impurities enter the magnetic field and the magnetic field is disturbed, this balance is broken, and the induced voltages of the two receiving coils cannot be cancelled. The un-cancelled induced voltages are amplified and processed by the control system, and an alarm signal is generated (metal impurities are detected ). The system can use the alarm signal to drive an automatic rejection device, etc., so as to exclude metal impurities from the production line.

Conventional metal sorting machinery occupies an important position in separation machinery due to its simple structure and convenient maintenance. With the development of modern industry, all walks of life have put forward higher requirements for metal sorting machines. In order to improve the performance of conventional metal sorting machines, experts and scholars have designed and manufactured metal sorting machines of various structures over the years, which are mainly divided into 6 categories

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