Plastics recycling machine|Introduction of electrostatic sorting machine, mixed plastic recycling program

Plastics recycling machine|Introduction of electrostatic sorting machine, mixed plastic recycling program

Nov 10 2021

Plastics recycling machine

Electrostatic sorting machine, also called plastic sorting machine, is a kind of equipment used to separate waste plastic materials. Generally, it can separate 2-4 kinds of mixed materials at one time. It can separate mixed waste plastics and increase plastics. The selling price and quality of recycling are one of the professional plastic processing equipment.
Electrostatic sorting machine is mainly to deal with the difference of mixed plastic fragments. The power will be better when the size of each plastic is about 20mm. Therefore, large pieces of mixed plastic need to be crushed before being separated by static electricity. This is also convenient for sale and remanufacturing. . If the plastic crusher contains metals, silica gel and other substances, it can be processed by a metal separator and a silicone rubber separator.
The electrostatic sorting machine uses dry physical separation, which is an environmentally friendly separation method without the problems of three wastes. Compared with the traditional separation method, this separation method is not only more effective in effect, but also has no environmental aspects. The problem, many shortcomings of the traditional separation method are solved. For example, the flotation method may produce more waste water, and the respective effects are not very good, and there are more restrictions on the respective plastic materials.
The plastic electrostatic separator is not picky about the material of the plastic. It can get used to the common plastics in our lives. The separation of the silicone and rubber in the plastic is also effective.

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