Plastic segregation machine|Plastic sorting process, the value of electrostatic sorting equipment

Plastic segregation machine|Plastic sorting process, the value of electrostatic sorting equipment

Nov 10 2021

Plastic segregation machine

Plastic, a kind of high molecular polymer material, has quickly become popular internationally because of its excellent properties and wide range of applications since the beginning of its invention. It has surpassed steel in a short period of time and has become a popular material. Until now, the proportion of plastic used is still relatively high, and with the continuous emergence of other members of the plastic family, its application fields will become more extensive.
However, many of our uses of plastics have also resulted in many problems. For example, a lot of petroleum is used to make plastics, and there is also the problem of "white pollution" caused by throwing away plastics.
Discarded plastics can also be burned, landfilled, recycled, and discarded directly. We know that plastic is a material that is difficult to degrade. If it is discarded as natural, it will cause great harm to our environment, especially its impact on agriculture and biology.
In agriculture, the accumulation of various plastic films mixed in the soil will affect the absorption of water and nutrients by crops, restrain the production and development of crops, constitute a reduction in crop production, and worsen the soil environment.
In terms of biology, waste plastic products thrown away on land or in water bodies are swallowed by animals as food, or bound to animals, causing animal deaths. If we eat these animals, we will also ingest plastic particles. in vivo.
Fortunately, uncontaminated plastic has the characteristics of being able to be recycled and reused. Therefore, looking for a better plastic recycling process can not only deal with the two major problems of plastics, but also produce more economic benefits.
The recycling of plastics requires three processes: classification and collection, crushing and sorting, and resource regeneration. In the meantime, the share of plastic recycling determined by the better plastic sorting and purification process also determines the benefits that can be obtained from participating in plastic recycling.
There are many sorting techniques, such as wind method, friction bounce method, electrostatic method, color separation method and so on.
The corresponding sorting equipment is a winnowing machine, a silicone rubber sorting machine, a plastic electrostatic sorting machine, and a plastic color sorting machine.
The corresponding purposes are: removal of light impurities in plastic, removal of silicone rubber in plastic, material separation of mixed plastic, and separation of plastic color.
Through these plastic sorting processes, low-value plastics in the past are valuable, and plastics that could not be sold in the past can be sold. The high-cost separation methods in the past have reduced costs, and the previously low recycling ratio and quality are now solved.

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