Plastic color sorter|Waste plastic sorting machine: mixed waste plastic impurity removal, material separation scheme

Plastic color sorter|Waste plastic sorting machine: mixed waste plastic impurity removal, material separation scheme

Jan 27 2022

Today, I would like to introduce a set of impurity removal and purification pipeline scheme for mixed plastics. This scheme covers the one-stop recycling and processing scheme of "silica gel removal", "material separation" and "color separation" of mixed waste plastics, helping recycling manufacturers to increase plastics Recovery of profit value.
Equipment used: silicone rubber sorting machine, electrostatic plastic sorting machine, plastic color sorting machine. And equipment assembly line supporting equipment.
Applicable materials: home appliance shell crushing material, toy crushing material, plastic household necessities crushing material, electric vehicle crushing material, electronic appliance plastic, household appliance plastic, PET bottle flakes, PS battery shell material/rubber cap and other waste plastics.
The sorting process of mixed plastics is generally "silo" → "silicone rubber sorting machine" → "drying and dust removal" → "plastic electrostatic sorting machine". If there is a need for plastic color separation, a "plastic color sorter" can also be added.
The purpose of this whole set of processes is "line feeding" → "silicone rubber wood removal in plastic" → "drying and dust removal" → "plastic material separation". With the addition of a color sorter, you can "separate by plastic color".
After this process, the original mixed plastic will increase the price due to the increase in purity.

Silicone rubber sorting machine:
The main function of physical sorting equipment is to remove impurities from mixed waste plastics, such as rubber, silica gel, wood chips, and particles. The removal efficiency is 99%+, and the price of plastics at this time has been much higher than before. Therefore, many recycling practitioners will sell plastics at this time.

Plastic electrostatic sorting machine:
It is also a physical plastic impurity removal method. It can separate the mixed plastics according to the material, so as to obtain a plastic with a uniform material. It can be selected according to the plastics of different degrees of complexity to adapt to different venues and choices.

Plastic color sorter:
As the name suggests, it can sort plastics by color, and the purpose is also to increase the recycling value of plastics. Of course, the color sorter is not only used for sorting plastics, it can sort plastics, metals, glass and other resources waiting to be recycled. At the same time, this equipment can also be used for the quality selection and impurity removal of grains.

With this separation method, the cost of sorting is far less than the cost of traditional methods, and the sorting speed is fast, the quality is high, and the sale value is also high.

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