Plastic color sorter machine | Electrostatic Sorter: Mixed Waste Plastic Separation Solution

Plastic color sorter machine | Electrostatic Sorter: Mixed Waste Plastic Separation Solution

Mar 22 2022

Waste plastic, a resource with high economic value and regeneration value, is one of the important players in the field of recycling.
The sources of waste plastics are very wide: waste plastic daily necessities, housings of home appliances, broken materials of electric vehicles, food packaging, building decoration, plastic toys... and so on.
Like resources such as metals, the value of these waste plastics comes from their purity grades.
From plastic-rubber mixtures to pure waste plastics - to single-material waste plastics, its price is gradually increasing with the increase of purity grades.
More troublesome is that most of the common plastic waste in life is mixed.
Take the sources of waste plastics listed above, these plastic wastes are mixed with impurities such as silicone rubber, and the plastic parts are also mixed with several plastic materials, such as PP/PS/ABS/PVC/PA/PE /PA these. Therefore, for recycling practitioners, how to better purify plastics is very worthy of attention. On a small scale, this determines whether we can get a good price for plastic recycling. On a larger scale, this determines the quality of plastic recycling and how much resources we can save.
Impurities such as silicone rubber in plastics can be solved by "silicone rubber sorting machine". And the mixing problem of plastic materials, we usually use "plastic electrostatic sorting machine" to solve. As we all know, the benefits brought by technological progress are most vividly reflected in the ability to solve problems. Plastic electrostatic separator is the product of modern science. It can be very good for the separation of mixed plastic materials. The plastic electrostatic separator is used to separate the different charged properties of plastic materials. The benefits of sorting using the physical properties of plastics are obvious, such as 99%+ sorting purity.

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