Important indicators for purchasing Colour sorter machine

Important indicators for purchasing Colour sorter machine

Feb 04 2021

Colour sorter machine is a device that uses photoelectric detection technology to automatically sort out heterochromatic particles in granular materials according to the differences in the optical characteristics of materials. At present, the Colour sorter machine is used in the field of bulk materials or packaging industrial products, food quality inspection and classification. Today, let's learn about some precautions for choosing Colour sorter machine.

    1. Net selection rate
    The main purpose of the Colour sorter machine is to select high-quality materials. Therefore, the net selection rate is one of the main technical indicators for evaluating the performance of the Colour sorter machine.
    The net selection rate refers to the ratio of the quality of the sampled qualified products after removing the heterochromatic particles to the sampled qualified quality after the color selection of the material, expressed as a percentage. The industry standard is: 2% impurity content rate, and its net selection rate is ≥99.9%.

    2. Rejection rate
    The small-scale Colour sorter machine to obtain high-quality materials also depends on a parameter that is the rejection rate. The rejection rate refers to the ratio of the different-colored particles removed by the material after the color sorting to the different-colored particles contained in the miscellaneous grains before the color sorting, expressed as a percentage. . In the same situation, the higher the rejection rate, the cleaner the selection, and the better the small Colour sorter machine.

    3. Bring out the ratio
    The take-out ratio is mainly the unqualified: qualified product, the ratio of the heterochromatic particles in the color selection rejection to the qualified rice particles in the color selection rejection. A high ratio is good, but it usually reduces precision and output. Generally, the larger the processing output, the greater the carry-out ratio. The two cannot be achieved. The processor needs to depend on the situation.

    Fourth, sensitivity
    The sensitivity index of the Colour sorter machine is generally not specified in the contract index, but it is only used as one of the conditions when selecting the equipment or selecting the supplier. In the case of a certain flow rate, the higher the selection rate of the Colour sorter machine, the higher the sensitivity of the Colour sorter machine, instead of blindly increasing the sensitivity.

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