How does the color sorter achieve rapid screening?

How does the color sorter achieve rapid screening?

Feb 23 2022

The color sorter is mainly composed of a feeding system, an optical sorting device, a control system, a lighting system and a pneumatic system.

▶The material enters the machine through the hopper or conveyor belt, and is evenly distributed into the material trough through the vibration of the vibrator. The selected material will accelerate and slide down the material trough to the sorting room, where the light is illuminated in the sorting room , so that the image sensor can accurately obtain the color information of the material.

▶The sensor compares the detected color with the set color. When the color signal exceeds the set range, it will be judged as a non-conforming product.

▶After the control system receives the message, it delays accurately. When the target material reaches the center of the spray, it drives the solenoid valve to spray high-pressure airflow, so as to blow the unqualified materials into the waste box, and the qualified materials will naturally fall into the material. box.

▶At the same time, it is also equipped with infrared lighting. When the material passes through, it is scanned by the infrared light. It can also identify the material according to its shape and material. and material, which greatly improves the ability of the color sorter to screen materials.

There are some large fruits and vegetables that cannot be sorted efficiently by using high-pressure airflow, which requires the use of ejector plates to achieve sorting.
The scanning and recognition process is the same as the former, except that the air jetted by the high-pressure air pipe is not directly blown out, but enters the driving cylinder, pushes the cylinder piston, and then drives the ejection plate to pop it out. The ejection plate is like Like God's fingers, it can be ejected quickly and precisely, enabling accurate sorting.

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