Electrostatic sorting machine: plastic sorting and aluminum plastic sorting

Electrostatic sorting machine: plastic sorting and aluminum plastic sorting

Mar 25 2022

Electrostatic separator is one of the common mechanical equipment in resource recovery sites. It is a device that separates recyclables of different materials by using the difference in the charged properties of different substances as a principle. At present, there are two functional electrostatic sorting equipment, namely "plastic electrostatic sorting machine" and "aluminum-plastic electrostatic sorting machine". The former is a kind of equipment for sorting mixed plastics, the function is to separate several kinds of mixed plastics, increasing the value of each plastic sold separately. The latter can separate metals and non-metals, also to increase the value of recycling, such as the separation of aluminum metal and plastic, the common sorting of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and the sorting of medicine board crushed materials.

Plastic electrostatic sorting machine:
The equipment used for the material separation of mixed plastic crushing materials is a modern physical sorting equipment, which replaces the traditional separation methods such as flotation, and does not generate waste gas and waste water, and also saves a lot of labor costs and time. The equipment has a variety of models and separation modes, which can meet different material requirements and have a good separation effect on 2-5 kinds of mixed plastic crushed materials. The equipment is designed with a smart touch screen, and the operation is relatively simple. The entire sorting line only needs 1-2 people to operate. The multiple and stable sorting modes can separate plastic mixtures quickly and with high quality, and the sorting accuracy can reach 99% +. The sorted plastic is ready for sale.
Aluminum-plastic electrostatic separator:
The principle of the equipment for sorting conductors and non-conductors adopts the physical properties of conductors and non-conductors, so the purity of the sorting is also very good. The aluminum-plastic electrostatic separator is often used to sort the mixture of recyclable resources such as metal and plastic. After separating the two different recyclables, they can be returned to the furnace for recasting, and the profit after separation and recycling is also very high. , such as broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, medicine board broken materials and so on.

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