Construction waste sorting machine- construction waste screening and treatment equipment

Construction waste sorting machine- construction waste screening and treatment equipment

Apr 25 2022

Construction waste sorting machine

Construction waste refers to the general term of sludge, waste concrete, waste brick and other wastes produced by people in the production activities of construction industry such as demolition, construction, decoration and maintenance. According to the classification of production sources, construction waste refers to the construction waste generated by human or natural reasons in the project, including waste residue, waste soil, waste mud, waste, etc. These materials are not helpful to the building itself, but the materials produced in the construction process need to be treated accordingly to realize the ideal engineering construction. Because this is an overall process, the consideration of its links is more important.
The existing construction waste treatment equipment generally includes crushing equipment and screening equipment. The existing construction waste separator can generally complete the simple classification of construction waste such as steel and concrete blocks, but there are few separation light equipment. It generally adopts manual separation, which has low efficiency and can not meet the requirements of high-speed production. Most of the existing light removal methods are limited to manual sorting or washing. The manual sorting efficiency is low, there are many omissions, the removal effect is not ideal, the washing occupies a large space and is not environmental friendly. Try to use direct wind selection, because it is difficult to control the size of wind by directly selecting unclassified construction waste to remove light substances.
Some common separation equipment adopts the principle of negative pressure adsorption separation, including closed box, screening output belt, output belt and screening output belt extending from the box to the box, and the output belt extending from the box to the outside of the box. The output belt is located directly below the box end. There are fan, light collection bucket and net bag connected to the light collection bucket in the box. The air outlet of the fan is the air inlet of the light collection bucket, and the air outlet of the fan is connected with the air inlet of the light collection bucket, The screening output belt is connected with the output belt. The structure is easy to adjust, has good control ability and outstanding separation ability. However, through long-term practice, it is found that the structure lacks dust control ability. Even in the wind work, the dust is still easy to diffuse, which not only affects the work of the equipment, but also affects the separation quality of the working environment.
Light matter separation equipment for construction waste, including closed box, negative pressure fan, trolley, air duct, water tank and air outlet fan; The partition plate in the box is divided into suction chamber and sedimentation chamber; The top of the suction chamber is provided with an air inlet, which is provided with a negative pressure fan; A trolley is set under the negative pressure fan; The top of the sedimentation chamber is provided with an air outlet, and the air outlet is provided with an air outlet fan; The sedimentation chamber is also provided with a water tank; The suction chamber and the sedimentation chamber are connected through an air duct on the diaphragm; The air duct port in the sedimentation chamber enters the bottom of the water tank and is covered by the water in the water tank. The construction waste light separator has simple structure and reasonable design. The light particles are separated by negative pressure fan, and the diffused dust and light substances are filtered by water to reduce the content of light substances in the separation.

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