Benefits of metal sorting machine | metal sorting machine

Benefits of metal sorting machine | metal sorting machine

Dec 24 2021

This sorting system absorbs the advanced technology and advanced structure of similar foreign products, and can be used for different application needs. It can be widely used: collecting non-ferrous metals from scrap material from car scrapping plants; from aluminum copper casting sand and smelting ash Separate and collect aluminum and copper; remove aluminum caps from glass bottles, separate aluminum wires and aluminum alloy parts; collect aluminum and copper from blocks; collect non-ferrous metals from incineration printed boards; collect municipal waste Middle sorting and collection of aluminum alloy cans; sorting out stainless steel and weak magnetic objects from large pieces of crushed materials such as old cars, old home appliances, and game consoles.

It is more widely used in the recycling of iron, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals in industrial waste, so that valuable stainless steel materials and non-ferrous metal materials can be reused.
metal sorting machine

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