Dec 17 2019

   From September 8 to 9, 2018, 10 workmate from our company came to yinxian villa, Changping City, Dongguan City to attend the course “effective communication of enterprise” held by Yuandao Culture Co., LTD.
During the two days’ study, 10 partners showed great enthusiasm. Some of them actively answered questions, someone led their own teams, and some even dared to perform on the stage and could speak and sing.Everyone is fully engaged in the course, living in the moment and enjoying it.
    I am lucky to have participated in this training. The course is very tight with few rest time. In the two days, it is a great test for students’ mental will.But in the class, teachers will be able to use some small activities to ignite the enthusiasm of everyone, let everyone to absorb the positive energy from teachers.
     ”How to relate to people” seems like a century-old conundrum for this generation of young people.While most people struggle to adapt to a work environment, they say to themselves, “it’s tiring interacting with people.”The complexity of our workplace relationships has made us less willing to engage with others, and more and more people are choosing to focus on their inner circle or face life alone.
    What complicates modern human relationships?
    In addition to the sense of meaninglessness that comes from the job’s own inappropriateness, there’s another important reason:
    The psychological environment of the modern workplace is getting worse.The workplace is complex.The complexity is not the content of the work itself, but the tangled network of people formed by the spreading branches of rank, competition, status, interests and wealth.For most workers, the most rewarding part of their job is not just how high they climb, but how they realize their self-worth.At the same time, in the years of our lives, people encounter each other when those tiny moments brought about by the moving and happy.
     If we can be in the workplace tear camouflage, more realistic face each other, one day, after all the handing down close, we would like a piece of clay, found himself really become a member of a team, after the department party boss with shoulder for being on the way you once walked alone, and TA call us:
“Our children”.
    Everyone is not a big bad person, they just want to find their own place.Even if others can’t be true, we can be true ourselves.Because, in the workplace, there is no better gift than a true companion and superior.





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