Oct 15 2018

October this year is bound to be a busy month.

Taizhou, zhejiang


On October 11, 2018 solstice 14, the 18th China plastic trade fair (referred to as the plastic trade fair) will be held as scheduled in taizhou international exhibition center, zhejiang province.

China plastic trade fair has entered its 18th year since it was first held in 2001.After 18 years of development, China plastics trade fair has become an important window to fully display the plastics industry, attracting international merchants to enter a local plastics market, and understanding China’s plastics industry is an important platform.

This year, Chen yijun, party secretary of the CPC central committee, presided over a meeting of the party committee’s financial and economic leadership group.And taizhou molding enterprises, is one of the “seven hundred billion”.

The success of the China plastics trade fair is inseparable from the local plastics industry, which has also grown into a national industry development “vane”.China plastic trade fair is based on the plastic industry in taizhou, zhejiang province and aims to promote the development of the industry.The professional organization, marketization operation and internationalization idea ensure the vitality of the exhibition.The exhibition constantly brings forth new ideas, introduces high-end and innovative technology applications for the plastics industry, and provides innovative strength for enterprises to grow together with the industry.

In fact, in the plastic trade fair held at the same time, taizhou plastics industry has been rapid development.It is reported that there are more than 12,000 plastic production enterprises in taizhou city. Taizhou has become the origin and distribution center of plastic products in China, especially the daily necessities of plastics.

The business elite of our dongguan haibao show their strength and confidence in the exhibition.


Chengdu, sichuan

Walk through web celebrity mountain city – chongqing, have seen a thousand lakes city – wuhan, and then about the golden autumn October, chengdu street – a pot of good wine, to meet friends with skills!


Equipment manufacturing industry in western festival — – 2018 jia international intelligent equipment exhibition of chengdu exhibition is scheduled for October 11-13 in chengdu century city new international exhibition center hall 4-6, the exhibition focus on intelligent manufacturing, originality to create intelligent manufacturing, rubber and plastic, sheet metal, laser packaging, mold manufacturing, and other display area, more than 400 companies gathered in, display the size of 30000 square meters, displaying content covers manufacturing plants industry chain, to promote the new technology, new equipment, new technology application in industry.


The theme exhibition area of this exhibition chain layout covers the industrial chain of manufacturing plants, the gathering of famous enterprises and the on-site demonstration of intelligent production and processing.Mitsubishi, siti city, hengcheng, fuyu, kama, jinji, jugao, zhonyang and other brand enterprises, advanced machine tools, products all showed precision processing;The exhibition will be held on the same platform with high quality workers/knives/clamps/measuring tools.Longji, yishengbai, ruikai mold, mickey machinery and other mold manufacturing enterprises, will bring exquisite mold products, on-site exchange of advanced processing programs.Baichao dieneng, chutian, hongshan, huagong, weike, huineng and other laser enterprises are all dressed up to attend the sheet metal exhibition area, demonstrating the actual laser cutting.Jinfeng, jinaolan, gu anli and other enterprises will also bring puncher enterprises, forming processing industry frontier information one-stop master.  未标题-1-800-800

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