Mar 17 2020

Plastic is a symbol of advanced industrial society, of mass production and mass consumption. But it is also a material that poses social problems stemming from its re-utilization in new plastic products or its utilization as resources-measures taken to prevent the depletion of resources, to maintain the global environment and to treat mass-discarded refuse.
Recycle of waste plastics is largely divided into their regeneration as raw materials and their utilization as fuel. The former requires treatment to virtually 100% purity; for the latter, removing PVC, a factor in the generation of dioxin and gaseous chlorine, is an issue.In short, the promotion of recycling requires the development into practical use of technology for separating a mixed load into different types of plastics.
Working Process of Different materials are electrostatically charged by agitation friction in a container. Using the rotating drum electrodes, the positively and negatively charge materials are sent to the electrostatic field formed by counter electrodes. This promotes induction of the positively charged plastic to the negative electrode side and the negatively charge plastic to the positive electrode side. The result is the high-purity separation of the differently charged plastics. One case of separation between crushed PVC pieces (5mm in size) and polyethylene (PE) pieces (2mm) shows a PVC purity of 99.6% (with a recovery rate of 85%) and a PE purity of 99.7% (with a 58% recovery rate).
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Incineration, if it is not treated with scientific and reasonable gas, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, suspended particulate matter will be generated, which will easily cause western respiratory infections, and toxic dioxin gas will also be produced. The environment is likely to cause malformations or miscarriages of the fetus. More serious of these gases will cause acid rain, destroying the entire city ecology.

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