What are the adjustment methods of eddy current metal sorting machinery?

What are the adjustment methods of eddy current metal sorting machinery?

Mar 19 2021

The adjustment method of eddy current metal sorting machinery is the same as the adjustment method of eddy current metal sorting machinery. The key is divided into feeding scraper adjustment, transmission belt speed ratio adjustment, magnetic roller speed ratio adjustment, vibration feeder frequency adjustment, etc. Several floor scales, and eddy current metal The adjustment methods of sorting machinery, non-ferrous metal sorting equipment, and aluminum sorting machines are similar. According to the adjustment of multiple components, the actual effect of sorting can be maximized, and the other can greatly increase the service life of eddy current sorting equipment. , And the output of raw materials.

1. Adjustment of the feeding plate: The feeding plate of the eddy current sorting equipment has the function of raw material cutting. When the raw material passes through the electromagnetic field and magnetic induction area at a certain rate, rare metals such as copper, aluminum, magnesium and zinc will be attacked from the raw material under the effect of electromagnetic field laser cutting. In the middle out, the non-metallic material raw materials will fall in the hyperbolic trajectory. When the feeder scales are adjusted to the floor-standing boundary between non-metallic materials and metallic materials, the actual effect of the selection of rare metal sorting equipment is the best. .

2. Speed ​​ratio adjustment of the transmission belt: different types of raw materials under the same speed ratio, the same type of raw materials are not the same under different speed ratios, so the raw materials with different diameters must be selected according to the standard of the transmission belt. Rotational speed ratio. Under normal circumstances, the suitable transmission belt speed ratio for most raw materials is 30HZ, and the 2-mm diameter raw material matching transmission belt speed ratio is 20HZ.

3. Magnetic roller speed ratio adjustment: When the speed ratio of the transmission belt is fixed, it is not the case that the higher the speed ratio of the magnetic roller, the better the actual effect. The speed ratio of the magnetic roller is 30HZ up and down, the medium material is up and down 36HZ, and the ingredients are up and down 40HZ. The actual effect of raw material selection is the best under the condition of the speed ratio of the magnetic roller.

4. Vibrating feeder frequency adjustment: The frequency of the vibrating feeder directly determines the opening rate of the raw material and the level of symmetrical. Under normal conditions, the opening rate is specified to flatten the raw materials on the conveyor belt, and it is best when the condition is symmetrical , The adjustment of the vibration frequency is adjusted according to the azimuth extreme amplitude of the balance weight.

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