The development status and trend of color sorter

The development status and trend of color sorter

Jun 16 2021

The color sorter is based on the difference in the optical characteristics of the selected material, using the photoelectric principle, and is composed of a feeding mechanism, a slide (belt type), a sensor, a spray valve and a computer control system to select a different color from the selected material Particle photoelectric integration equipment. When the size and density of the unqualified particles and the qualified particles are very close, color sorting can be said to be the only non-manual sorting method that can be selected. This is the grain color sorter (a kind of color sorter). The research and development of food color sorting machines started relatively early in the world. In the 1930s and 1940s, the United States and the United Kingdom began to develop them. China's grain color sorting machine industry started late and developed very fast

color sorter

Combined with the current domestic food safety situation and industry status, the development trend of food color sorting machines has been expressed as: industrial chain extension, intelligent production, large-scale processing; food safety, health and nutrition; product customization.

The transformation and upgrading of the grain processing industry is inseparable from the development of grain machinery equipment manufacturing enterprises, and grain color sorting machines are an important part of ensuring food processing safety in grain machinery equipment enterprises. Let's discuss the development trend of the industry in combination with the development of the color sorter industry.

The potential market for color sorting equipment in China's future development is very broad. With the continuous development of my country's economy and the increasing improvement of people's living standards, the application of color sorting equipment in the processing of grains, seeds and other agricultural products in my country will certainly develop rapidly. Although the color sorting machine was born abroad, due to the courage of Chinese national enterprises to explore and self-innovate, they broke the monopoly of foreign markets and accelerated the industrialization process of my country's food color sorting industry. At present, the food color sorter industry has become a mature industry in my country. With the continuous healthy competition of grain color sorting machine manufacturers, my country's grain color sorting machine technology is constantly improving, and it will compete with the world's counterparts.

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