Silicone rubber recycling | Silicone rubber sorting machine: practical equipment for removing waste plastic impurities

Silicone rubber recycling | Silicone rubber sorting machine: practical equipment for removing waste plastic impurities

Oct 27 2021

Silicone rubber recycling

Silicone rubber sorting machine, plastic sorting machine, silicone rubber machine, etc. are also added. The plastic sorting machine is suitable for various resource recycling companies and manufacturers. It can separate the rubber and silica gel and other impurities in the crushed material of waste plastic products to increase the recycling value of plastics.
The materials that can be processed include household appliance shells, such as refrigerators, air conditioner shell crushing materials, electric car crushing materials, toy crushing materials, and daily necessities crushing materials. The plastic silicone mixture in common household waste and industrial waste can be purified by a silicone rubber sorting machine.
Compared with the traditional recycling mode, the use of modern sorting equipment has the advantages of saving cost, reducing labor, increasing sorting speed and quality. At the same time, as a physical sorting mode, the low pollution of silicone rubber sorting machine is also more popular.
As a plastic separation equipment, it has a simple operation method, which is also the advantage of modern equipment. Simple operation can also help us avoid many problems such as malfunctions caused by operating errors, and can also quickly get started, reducing production stagnation caused by operating problems.
In addition to the cost of mechanical equipment, compared with the traditional sorting method of a dozen or even dozens of workers, the use of a silicone rubber sorting machine only requires 1-2 people to complete these tasks. This will greatly reduce labor wages and reduce enterprise production costs.
Although the cost of purchasing mechanical equipment is greater than labor, its follow-up costs are much less. For example, for companies with long processing time or large processing volume, the cost of using a silicone rubber sorting machine is still less than labor.

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