Plastic crusher machine price|How much is a plastic waste disposal production line?

Plastic crusher machine price|How much is a plastic waste disposal production line?

Sep 09 2021

There are many types of plastic waste disposal equipment, but a complete set of plastic waste disposal production line is indeed the best choice for most plastic recycling customers. A plastic waste disposal production line can not only save a lot of costs, but also greatly improve production efficiency. Do you know, how much is a set of plastic waste disposal production line?
The model of the plastic waste crushing production line equipment should be determined according to your actual output requirements. The manufacturing process determines whether you can produce efficient processing and production. The selection of products determines whether your equipment can be used for a long time. The knives of the plastic waste crushing production line equipment are vulnerable parts and all have a service life. The editor recommends that you consider these aspects, choose a large-scale plastic crusher equipment manufacturer that is suitable for you, and be responsible for the equipment you choose, and do not blindly pursue the price.
The production line is mainly divided into four parts: crushing module, conveying module, sorting module, and automation control module. The whole line adopts modular design, which can be freely combined and adjusted according to customer requirements, and realizes the automation of production and the larger output through the automation control system. The modular design can be adjusted at any time according to different output requirements.

(1) Crushing module

First, a double-shaft shearing shredder is used to pre-crush the waste plastics, and then a single-shaft crusher is used to finely break the pre-crushed materials.

(2) Conveying module

The conveying module is divided into a feeding belt conveyor and a discharging belt conveyor. The feeding belt conveyor transports materials evenly, and conveys the materials that need to be crushed into the crushing chamber of the shredder for crushing, and the crushed materials are discharged The belt conveyor transports to the subsequent process.

(3) Sorting module

A self-unloading permanent magnet iron remover is installed on the material conveying belt between the double-shaft shearing crusher and the single-shaft crusher to sort the magnetically conductive materials contained in the plastic materials pre-crushed for the first time.

(4) Automation control module

Intelligent technology is the use of the Internet of Things and big data technology combined with a variety of intelligent sensors to realize online monitoring and physical examination of equipment and systems, real-time monitoring and real-time protection.

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