Learn more about the structure principle and application of electrostatic separators

Learn more about the structure principle and application of electrostatic separators

Jan 27 2022

1.The structure and separation technology of electrostatic separator
2.The principle of electrostatic separator
3.The electrostatic separation process
4.The application of electrostatic separator
5.The characteristics of electrostatic separator

First, the structure and separation technology of electrostatic separator:
1. Using the electrostatic force, gravity and centrifugal force generated by the electrical difference between minerals and materials in the high-voltage electric field to effectively act on the materials to achieve sorting and separation equipment.
2. The electrostatic separator has different structures such as single roll, two rolls, three rolls, parallel six rolls, and multiple rolls, which can be selected according to the difference of different materials and sorting requirements.
3. Complete the sorting or selection in the machine at one time to manufacture different types and types of electrical sorting equipment, thereby simplifying the operation and improving the production efficiency.
4. Different materials or different particle sizes of the same material have different requirements for the feeding system, discharging system and feeding system of the electric separator, and the internal structure of the electric separator is different.

Second, the principle of electrostatic separator:
The purpose of sorting is achieved by utilizing the difference in the electrical properties of the materials in the high-voltage electric field. When the materials are brought into the high-voltage electric field by the corona electrode through the rotating drum, the materials are reused by various electric power, centrifugal force and gravity. Due to the different electrical properties of various materials, the different force states make the materials fall in different trajectories, thereby separating the metal and non-metal mixtures.

Third, the electrostatic separation process:
Using the difference in the triboelectricity of different types of plastics, 2-3 different types of mixed materials are separated by electrostatic means. The charged particles are sorted and collected by a high-voltage electrostatic field with a suitable particle size. Among them, the charging step determines whether the particles can be sufficiently charged to be attracted by the electric field, and the electrostatic sorting step determines the trajectory of the charged particles to determine purity and recovery.

Fourth, the application of electrostatic separator:
It is widely used in the field of waste electrical and electronic equipment and plastic recycling. Because the sensitivity of metal and plastic to static electricity is very different, it is a good separation material. If it is the separation between plastic and plastic, it will be adsorbed after adding static electricity. On the roller, it is inseparable, so the electrostatic separator is basically aimed at separating metal and plastic. It is used in the dismantling of waste household appliances, waste plastic recycling and other industries.

Fifth, the characteristics of electrostatic separator:
1. High degree of automation and good separation effect;
2. Wide range of sorting
3. High efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and no pollution;

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