Color Sorting Machine | How does the color sorter work?

Color Sorting Machine | How does the color sorter work?

Feb 17 2022

Color Sorting Machine

What is the color sorter used for? What is the principle? The color sorter, as the name suggests, is a device that automatically sorts materials according to the color of the material.
Professional explanation: It is a high-tech photorelay-integrated mechanical device that uses an optical camera to identify the difference in the color of the material, converts the signal through a color CCD sensor, and automatically sorts the particles of different colors in the granular material.
The color sorter has many advantages such as high sorting and screening efficiency, accurate grading, good quality of screened products and low damage rate.
Due to the excellent performance and efficiency of its equipment, it is widely used in agriculture and industry, especially the screening effect of some agricultural products is very good.
With the rapid development of modern agriculture, the demand for high-efficiency intelligent machinery such as color sorters is increasing, and color sorters have also ushered in rapid development and wide application.

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