About the benefits and significance of garbage sorting

About the benefits and significance of garbage sorting

Jun 14 2021

Many people don't know the benefits and significance of garbage sorting. Let us understand the related knowledge of garbage sorting.

garbage sorting

1. Reduce environmental pollution

If the garbage is disposed of through landfill or stacking, even if the garbage is buried far away from the living place and the corresponding isolation technology is adopted, it is difficult to prevent the penetration of harmful substances, which will enter the entire ecosystem along with the circulation of the earth. , Pollution of water sources and land, through plants or animals, will eventually affect people's health.

2. Save land resources

Garbage disposal methods such as landfill and garbage stacking occupy land resources, and all landfills are non-recoverable places, that is, landfills cannot be re-used as living quarters. In addition, some substances in domestic garbage are not easily degraded, which makes the land seriously eroded. Separate the garbage, remove the recyclable, non-degradable substances, and reduce the amount of garbage by more than 60%.

3. Utilization of renewable resources

Before garbage disposal, garbage sorting can be turned into treasure through garbage classification and recycling. For example, recycling paper can protect forests and reduce the waste of forest resources; recycling bio-waste such as peels and vegetables can be used as green fertilizers to make the land more fertile. .

4. Improve people's values

Garbage sorting is the best solution and the best way to deal with garbage pollution. Garbage classification has become an inevitable path for the development of a country. Garbage classification can enable people to learn to save resources, use resources, develop good living habits, and improve their ultimate quality.

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